Casino Selection

In modern online gambling, there are thousands of gambling portals offering a huge number of games, bonuses, jackpots, tournaments and various promotions. It is sometimes difficult to navigate this variety even for experts.

How do you choose the best online casino? We advise you to consider all potential candidates according to the following criteria.

Legality of activity – The site must have documents that give it the right to provide services in the field of gambling. We are talking about licenses that are issued by government agencies of different countries. Please read these documents carefully. Ideally, copies of licenses and links to official websites of regulators, which should contain information about this licensee, should be provided.


High-quality software is a must when choosing a casino. Games must be licensed from a trusted developer. It is even better if they are additionally certified by independent auditors. This is the only way you can be sure that the games are not “cheated”, and the results of all rounds are determined by a random number generator.

Casino reputation

Even with licenses and software from the best brands, the establishment can enjoy a bad reputation with customers. This may be due to dishonest bonus policy, unresponsive support, slow payout accruals, and many other factors. Therefore, be sure to ask about the opinions of real players about online casinos. Just do not forget that reviews on thematic sites are often biased, or even simply written to order.

Financial questions

When choosing a casino, pay attention to the supported currencies and payment systems. You should be able to quickly and conveniently deposit / withdraw money, as well as place bets in your preferred currency units and a comfortable range.

Territorial restrictions

Many operators do not allow residents of certain countries and regions to register. In such cases, you usually will not be able to open an account. Moreover, often you will not even enter the site, as IP blocking will work. It is worse if the casino allows you to play, but imposes restrictions for you on the bonus program or some additional aspects. Try to figure out these aspects before opening an account.

Bonus policy

It is impossible to imagine a high-quality modern casino without a variety of promotional promotions. It can be all kinds of bonuses, free spins, cashback, comp points and much more, which makes the gameplay more interesting and profitable. Of course, not for all users, the availability of bonuses is the main criterion when choosing a portal, but it is still better to give preference to establishments with a developed system of promotions.

Support work

If you are seriously going to gamble at a casino, be sure to talk to the support team. Ask them a few questions, even trivial ones. It’s important to know how they react to customer calls. You need to be sure that when problems arise, they can help you resolve them right away.

Lovers of progressive jackpots, tournaments and specific types of gambling should also make sure that the establishment meets their requirements.